Portable Energy Logger

The product contains a microcomputer and router, a wall sensor and a mobile dashboard which is accessible on any communication device (which can connect to a network) - also referred to as the “Portable Energy Logger”. The Portable Energy Logger can monitor the energy consumption of every machine <3000 Watt which requires to be plugged into a wall outlet. It can also turn the machine on and off without human interaction.

The Unique Selling Points of the product are its mobility, ease-of-use (plug & play), instant insight into energy consumption and low-cost. To gain insight into the energy consumption of a machine, the following steps should be executed:

  1. Plug the box into a wall outlet max. 140 meters* from the sensor;

  2. Plug the sensor (white plug) into a wall outlet;

  3. Plug any machine <3000 Watt into the sensor;

  4. Connect your phone/tablet/computer to the Wi-Fi network of the energy logger;

  5. Go to IP-ADDRESS:3000 on any web browser while being connected to the Wi-Fi network;

  6. Select the desired dashboard.

*In open line of sight. It is recommended to keep it as close as possible to the sensor to assure the proper functionality.

This smart solution is currently running at the HZ University of Applied Sciences in Vlissingen and Middelburg, reducing the energy consumption of 9 vendingmachines by approximately 34%. This is enough energy to power 3 average households in The Netherlands for a year.


NEO Smart Solutions 2020


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