Towards a better, more sustainable future


Internet of Things

(Portable) data-monitoring systems, Insight into data through (portable) HMI's (dashboards), Automating a process with wireless technologies.

Artificial Intelligence

Pattern analysis, Anomaly detection, Predictive maintenance.



My name is Omar El Nahhas, founder and owner of NEO Smart Solutions. Currently, I am a fourth-year Mechatronics Engineering student. I started NEO Smart Solutions to gain more practical experience in my fields of interest: Internet of Things and Artificial Intelligence. Have a look at my portfolio for previous executed projects.

I am driven to develop new solutions to improve efficiency, reduce Greenhouse Gas Emissions, reduce costs and improve the overall wellbeing of humans and animals. I am offering my research and development skills to contribute to projects in a relevant field of work. Let's work together towards a better, more sustainable future.






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